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Not the Worst Pastors Podcast

James Gomez and Matt Coyne

Real. Relevant. Relaxed. Welcome to Not the Worst Pastors Podcast, with Matt Coyne and his friend, James Gomez: two ordinary pastors who take their vocations seriously, but themselves...not so much. Matt and James are friends who came together 6 years ago in a small town, serving 2 different congregations in 2 different roles. From that friendship, this podcast was born with the hopes of helping each other and their listeners to walk through Christian life together. You will hear them talk about anything from politics to Harry Potter, from helping the poor to the best translation of the Bible to use, to serving along side other churches to behaving on Social Media and so much more... and how to handle these from a Biblical perspective. We'll cover it all from our imperfect view points, processing it together, hoping to come out on the other side of the conversation as better listeners and better followers of Jesus Christ.

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